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My name is Chip Dizárd (pronounced Diz Hard).  Weddings are my passion; photographing, filming,  producing and distributing them are the way I choose to express that.

I love to create a visual experience by telling a story through images. This gives the audience a chance to relive the emotion and sensation of an event.


Chip Dizard

I’m the owner and director of Chip Dizárd Weddings.  Meet my team: Daylan, Kristina, Stephen and Monica.

I feel most alive when I feel the camera in my hands. When I point at a subject, the subject becomes alive.

What I love most is holding my camera and being the DP, director of photography, just like in work. My cameras are my tools; wedding and event photos  are my form of artistic expression.

The bride and groom are the stars, I am merely the observer, creating a wedding video in a cinematic style.  My specialty is a stylish, slightly stylized video. I don’t want to simply record the events of the day in an obvious and plain way. I want to create a modern, clean, and interesting video. A video that will hold your interest every time, all the time.

I capture the feelings and emotions of the wedding or event day. I certainly won’t miss recording the beauty: the bride in her gown, the flowers, the decoration, the cake—everything you chose with such care. I’ll also find the colors and light, the movement, the sounds, the music, and the scene changes.

But above all, it’s the emotions and feelings, the smiles, laughter, and even the happy tears that I wish to preserve, the essence of a beautiful relationship saved as precious memories of your wedding.

People ask me if I get tired of filming weddings. Absolutely not! I never tire of my art. Whether it’s a religious wedding, non-religious, ethnic, traditional, or non-traditional, each wedding is unique. It’s as if I’m watching something happen for the first time. And the truth is, I am. Your wedding happens just once and I’m privileged to create your wedding video for you.

When I’m not filming a wedding, working on editing  or teaching other videographers I love going to movies, which, I suppose, is not a surprise. I also like playing golf,  and of course, being with my family.



Imagine the possibilities.

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Wedding Gallery

Wedding Gallery


NYC Times Square Wedding Rodney and Francine

NYC Times Square Wedding Rodney and Francine

NYC Times Square Wedding Rodney and Francine

Photography, Weddings



You are Invested. So am I.

Washington, D.C. Wedding Photography & Worldwide Destinations

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Photo and Video Packages 

I'm no Longer Offering Video Only Packages [Ready Why]

Available for weddings in the Baltimore/Washington D.C. Metropolitan area and available for travel worldwide.

You may call or text me at 410-207-3090 or email at  Open 7 Days a Week  8 a.m. until 8 p.m. EST. Or click here to contact me and I will follow up with you within 24 hours.



Glenview Mansion Wedding [Decor]

Glenview Mansion Wedding Decor

Glenview Mansion in Rockville, Maryland is a perfect location for an intimate wedding or event. I recently had the opportunity to work for Roberta of Bella Fiori Couture and Designs.

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Stone Tower Winery Wedding

Stone Tower Winery Wedding

Stone Tower Winery in Leesburg, Virginia has great views and is a beautiful venue for a romantic summer wedding. I had the pleasure of meeting Meleesa and David at a bridal show and we just clicked and we knew that I had to be their photographer and videographer for their wedding. This wedding was also featured on the Aisle Perfect Blog. Melesa and David's Featured Wedding Film   In the grooms words "We proceeded with our dream of an outdoor ceremony even though the 8 hours of preparation on the wedding day consisted of several roller coaster rides, including the

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Mrs. K's Tollhouse Wedding Silver Spring, Maryland

Mrs. K's Tollhouse Wedding

Mrs. K's Tollhouse located in Silver Spring, Maryland was the perfect intimate backdrop for Lisa and Jarvis' blended family wedding. I met Lisa through a mutual friend and at first, she was very nervous about having her photos done at her wedding, but after I got to know her, she was an old pro at posing and I had a great time making photos for her wedding. The ceremony was intimate and thes and ceremony was very touching.  I photograph many blended family engagements and weddings the emotion and joy in this one was witnessed by every guest.   Lisa told

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For Photographers

For Photographers and Creative Business Owners

What is covered in my mentoring program?

1. Purpose Define why you do the work you do – and create a powerful decision-making filter in the process.
2. Audience Define your audience based on your skills and interests, their common pains, and the value they place on your work.
3. Research Figure out what your audience wants and how they typically express their business needs.
4. Pitch Your portfolio isn’t just a snapshot of past work; it represents the future projects and clients you want to attract.
5. Positioning  Increase your perceived value to clients and become a problem-solving leader in your field.
6 Pricing Stop matching your price to the hours each task takes to complete. Price by value instead.
7 Process. Unleash your best work by establishing clear processes and working methods that can evolve over time.
8. Feedback The best client feedback is descriptive, not prescriptive.
9. Exposure Connect with your audience on a regular basis to ensure that you stay bright on their radar.
10. Follow up. The simple act of following up can generate higher and more consistent revenue for your business.


As a bonus, I share my strategy for creating content for Facebook Ads and how to get clients from “Lookers Into Bookers”s
You will also learn how to target your audience using Facebook Ad targeting and retargeting.

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What People are Saying

Ashley Canay

CHIP IS THE MAN, 100 Grand!!! I met Chip through an old professor and he has absolutely been the best mentor, coach, and friend I could have asked for. He helped me to leave fear and focus on success! He took me under his wing and willingly shared all of his knowledge. He uplifts, encourages, and keeps it real on how to make it in this business, and to GROW. He helped me to see my potential and by his learning style, I was able to fly on my own. I never thought I would have a chance to work in this business in my own, but through the relationships I’ve gained from Chip, I was able to have my first paying customers. Working with Chip is one of the best decisions a new professional can make! He will open so many doors for you that you have no other choice but to be successful. He has a wealth of knowledge and endless resources. I will always be grateful for him.-Kristina D. Allen, photographer/videographer


I wanted to thank you for taking the time to speak with me last week. It was the “shot in the arm” I needed! You are truly inspiring and the tidbits you gave me for self-promotion are already paying off. I hope to one day be able to “pay it forward” and work with you on a project.

In the meanwhile, if no one else says it, keep doing what you're doing. Your story, your gifts and your advice are truly incredible. -Leslie

My Experience working with Chip has been AMAZING! He's really helped me with learning how to Market myself and my business. When people ask me about my growth and how I've learned so much in a short period of time I tell them I found a Mentor named Mister Chip! He's genuine spirit and A friendly Guy and will tell me like it IS.


Mentoring Group




Do you offer online mentoring sessions?
Yes, I do offer online mentoring sessions. Once you fill out the form, I'll share with you the options and investment.

What if I’m brand new? Would mentoring be good for me?
Yes! However, If you need an overview of how to run your entire business, a workshop would be more beneficial. If you are just getting started and want one-on-one help to cast a vision for your brand, your business and what your next steps should be, mentoring would be GREAT for you!

Do you also offer to mentor in person in the Baltimore/ Washington, D.C. area? 
Yes. As of right now, I only offer in-person mentoring sessions when I'm not traveling.  However, sometimes there are specific situations when we’re traveling that allow us to do a destination mentoring session, and I'm  not opposed to that at all if  I'm already in the area and have availability!

Web and Marketing Copywriting Services

Many times as a creative entreprenuer you are stuck looking at your computer when it's time to write web site or marketing copy.

Let me show you how I rewrote a wedding planner's copy.


Our vision of the perfect bride is one that doesn’t limit her own creativity. She challenges her own preconceptions and thinks outside of the box.


Our ideal bride challenges her own preconceptions and notions and is open to feedback from industry experts to help guide her on the path to an amazing day.




Call or text me at (240) 630-0933 Open 7 Days a Week  8 a.m. – 8 p.m.  EST. Email me at 
I am located outside of Baltimore/Washington, D.C. Metro area, but available to travel worldwide for your destination wedding or event.  I'm also available for birthday parties, baby gender reveals, conferences and more.

My studio is located at 3 Greenwood Place Suite 1A Pikesville, MD 21208.  Let's get together soon and meet in person! Click here for directions in Google Maps.

Chip Dizárd Weddings is a Baltimore/Washington, D.C. wedding photography, and videography company that captures memories that last a lifetime.