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My name is Dizárd (pronounced Diz Hard), Chip Dizárd. Movies are my passion; filming, editing, producing and distributing wedding/events videos are the way I choose to express that.

Chip Dizárd

Chip Dizárd

I’m the owner and director of Chip Dizard Wedding Films.

I feel most alive when I feel the camera in my hands. When I point at a subject, the subject becomes alive.

What I love most is holding my camera and being the DP, director of photography, just like in films. It’s what I wake up thinking about everyday. My cameras are my tools; wedding & event  movies are my form of artistic expression.

The bride and groom are the stars, I am merely the observer, creating a wedding video in a cinematic style.  My specialty is a stylish, slightly stylized video. I don’t want to simply record the events of the day in an obvious and plain way. I want to create a modern, clean, and interesting video. A video that will hold your interest every time, all the time.

I strive to capture the feelings and emotions of the wedding or event day. I certainly won’t miss recording the beauty: the bride in her gown, the flowers, the decoration, the cake—everything you chose with such care. I’ll also find the colors and light, the movement, the sounds, the music, and the scene changes.

But above all, it’s the emotions and feelings, the smiles, laughter, and even the happy tears that I wish to preserve, the essence of a beautiful relationship saved as precious memories of your wedding.

People ask me if I get tired of filming a weddings. Absolutely not! I never tire of my art. Whether it’s a religious wedding, non-religious, ethnic, traditional, or non-traditional, each wedding is unique. It’s as if I’m watching something happen for the first time. And the truth is, I am. Your wedding happens just once and I’m privileged to create your wedding video for you.

When I’m not filming a wedding, working on editing  or teaching other videographers I love going to movies, which, I suppose, is not a surprise. I also like playing golf,  and of course, being with my family.


Imagine the possibilities.

Kisha + Erren Wedding Trailer

Terrell + Tiffani :: The Blessing

Kristina + Asa :: Unscripted Love


Kendra + Brian :: Wedding Highlights

Rachel + Dennis

Jennifer and Theodore Reception Highlights

Chico’s 40th Surprise Birthday Parthy

Emily and Brian Reception Trailer

Michelle & Jorge


Jennifer and Theodore

A Proposal Story. 

Channel and Kaneil

Tiffani + Terrell


Love Story

Jean + Dominque

Kendra tosses the bouquet

Anika & Jared

Anika & Jared

Just the fellas (BOOM)

Just the fellas

Emily + Brian

Emily and Brian Schneider



It’s similar to the way theatrical movies are made. The second camera gets a second angle, a second opinion, another view, another vision and, importantly, more footage which is valuable in the editing and production process. Two videographers help each other with equipment and set-up, saving important time that can be spent on shooting more of your wedding. Two videographers working in tandem create a more complete, more detailed, story of your day.

The main feature is a fully edited and produced, 20-40 minute long video that covers your entire wedding day; from the preparation, through the ceremony, to the reception. It includes the most memorable and important parts of the ceremony, the announcement of the new couple at the reception, the first dance, cutting the cake, the toast and so on.
A Love Story is a video that we shoot and produce before your wedding. What it contains is entirely up to you, although we have lots of experience and plenty of good ideas to lend should you want them. It can be a story of how you met, how you planned your wedding, your favorite romantic spots, or just the two of you enjoying each other—taking a walk, playing around, dancing, kissing. It takes anywhere from four to twelve hours to film, depending on the story that you want to tell, the locations, and so on.

The highlight video is a summary of your wedding day, set to a song of your choice. It includes the most powerful images of your wedding. It’s usually pretty upbeat and energetic, although that depends on the combination of the images and the music that’s chosen. The best part is that it’s small and short and you can share it with anyone online. You can also put in your iPod or iPhone.

It’s a fun and short video to let your guests know the date of your wedding so they can put it on their calendars before you send out your invitations. It can replace a Save the Date mailed announcement or can be in addition to it. We can film a Save the Date video during the engagement or Love Story session, or at another time.




You are Invested. So am I.

You may call me at 818-253-1570 Monday through Thursday 10 a.m. until 6 p.m. EST.

Available for travel in the US and Worldwide.

Highlight Package

  • 6 Hours of Coverage
  • 2 Cinematographers
  • Digital Delivery of Edited Film
  • 45 day turnaround

Forever Package

Free Love Story if booked before December 1, 2014
  • 8 Hours of Coverage
  • 3 Cinematographers
  • Digital Delivery and DVD Package
  • 4 to 6 minute highlight film
  • Entire Wedding and Reception
  • 60 Day Turnaround
  • Selected unedited clips on Hard Drive
  • Free Love Story if booked by 12/1/14 $750 Value

Drone Photography and Videography

Drone Photography

Drone Photography

I am proud to announce the addition of Drone Videography and Photography.   Prices start at $500 for videography and $300 for photography.  Please contact me for more information and a custom price quote.

Below is a wedding example where I used a drone.


Photographers, videographers and wedding planners who want drone shots as an add on to your offerings you may contact me on my personal page for information.


Now Booking Engagement Sessions

Your Story

Your story is your story. I know that sounds very basic, but there is no other story like it. I've had the privilege to work with many couples and every time I film their engagement session, I learn more about them. It could be the first date, it could be the first time he noticed your smile or the awkward pausing on the first phone call. Your story deserves to be heard and I will capture it in a unique way that is customized for you. It's your story and I can't wait to help you share it with

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The Bride’s Guide to Choosing A Wedding Hashtag

Wedding Hashtag

Modern Weddings are social events that are shared by everyone who attends. Studies have shown that over 90% of wedding guests will take at least 2 photos of your day with their cell phone. Even though you can’t stop that uncle who posts unflattering photos of you on instagram or facebook  you can organize and view  the photos by using a hashtag. Here are some tips for creating successful wedding hashtags 1. Try to avoid articles in front of your hashtag, for example, #thejohnsonwedding, #thesmithlove. This is because most people will forget to use the article "the" in front of the

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Almost Fully Booked for 2015

Wedding Videography

I’ve been fortunate over the last several years to grow my wedding videography business. I've been blessed to work with amazing couples and film great ceremonies. Shooting a wedding isn’t an easy job; you spend an average of 10 to 14 hours on your feet, carrying 20+ pounds of gear, crouching/jumping/climbing/doing whatever it takes to get the shot.  After you return home and assess the various blisters, bruises and cuts you somehow managed to acquire during the day you spend a few hours backing up your memory cards while my kids run around and tell me, "Daddy we missed you."

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Or you may call me at 818-253-1570  Monday-Thursday 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.  EST.
I am located outside of Washington, D.C. Metro area, but available to travel worldwide for your destination wedding or event.

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A perfect marriage is just two imperfect people who refuse to give up on each other.