August 20, 2015 Chip Dizárd

Meet the Team {Kristina}

Kristina D. Allen

I am super excited to formally introduce, Kristina D. Allen as our newest team member!   Who knew that guest lecturing at video production class at a Morgan State University years ago would spark our friendship and my mentorship of Kris.

Kristina has a passion for all things fabulous and is a consummate team player. The cinematography world is dominated by males and I am so proud to bring her on staff.  She has an amazing eye for details and she knows exactly what brides want to see in a finished film.   I even had the opportunity to film her own engagement video!  Life truly comes around full circle.

Kristina Allen

Kristina Allen

Kristina Allen is shooting reception details.

Kristina Allen is shooting reception details.



Photo Aug 16, 12 40 53 PM

Behind the scenes with Kristina as she shoots a bride in the makeup chair.


Kristina puts together the Ronin M Stablizer

Kristina D. Allen

Kristina D. Allen gets the Ronin shot


Follow her wedding cinematography journey Instagram at @kristinadomique  and send her an encouraging comment!

Kristina D. Allen is the newest cinematographer on staff at Chip Dizárd Wedding Films team.


Chip Dizárd

Chip is passionate about making your wedding video and works hard with his team to capture your event. He is a techie at heart and loves to capture real-life moments on film.

Comments (10)

  1. Cherrie

    What a fantastic way to introduce a new team member and even show her capturing details! I have to ask, though.. was the steam from the manhole warm?? LOL

    • Kristina

      Hello Cherries!!!

      It was actually pretty cold that day so the steam was pretty nice lol.

  2. Gabrielle

    Congrats on bringing a new team member on board and what a romantic engagement video!! Love it!

  3. irene

    What a great way to announce your team member. Congratulations Kristina I am sure you will make a great addition to the team.

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