August 26, 2015 Chip Dizárd

Meet the Team {Stephen “Apeture” Jones}

When I met Steve I knew we would click.  He was working at Morgan State University and after he graduated from the Communication program and had a love for photography.   I knew he was a good party photographer, but I had to convince him to start filming weddings and he came on board.

Steve's creativity with shots amazes me with every wedding he works.  He is an expert (as with me) on capturing the “turn up” at at reception and he captures all of the grooms shots.  I've even coined a term for some of his handheld shots, called “The Stevie J Shake.”

Below are some of Steve's shots and videos he has worked on with me over the years.  I'm proud to call him a good friend and a trusted colleague.

Stephen "Apeture" JonesStephen "Apeture" Jones

Stevie J Signature Shots

Stephen "Apeture" Jones, Kristina Allen and Chip Dizard

Meet my Team [Stephen


Chip Dizárd

Chip is passionate about making your wedding video and works hard with his team to capture your event. He is a techie at heart and loves to capture real-life moments on film.

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