November 30, 2015 Chip Dizárd

Newton White Mansion Hotline Bling Wedding Dance

Hotline Bling

Newton White Mansion in Mitchelleville, Maryland was the perfect backdrop for a wedding music video. I emailed Connie and James about a week before their wedding and asked if they would be willing to do the dance and possibly make a short video.

The answer was a resounding yes and here is what I made with multiple cameras and multiple times doing the dance with the bridal party. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did creating it.

Below is the 30 second teaser video we created.

Thanks to the team for working on this and help pull  this off during a busy wedding day.

Wedding Planner:  Shile Bello /Rae Affairs

Floral Design:  Designs by Oochay

Photography: Michael Clarke Photography

Video by my team: Kristina Dominque, Monica Singleton

Director/Editor: Chip Dizárd

Custom and choreographed dances are very popular. James and Connie was a couple that did a popular dance with their bridal party called, Hotline Bling.


Chip Dizárd

Chip is passionate about making your wedding video and works hard with his team to capture your event. He is a techie at heart and loves to capture real-life moments on film.

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