December 15, 2017 Chip Dizárd

What’s Your Wedding Style?

There are many styles of weddings-some reflect the couple's personality while others relate to the season. I came across these graphics by The Black Tux (where I rent my tuxedos). What's your favorite style of wedding?  And what influences your wedding style? Here are my thoughts on the three types of wedding styles listed below.


Rustic Wedding

A rustic wedding works well outdoors and during the summer and even better during the fall. Although I don't shoot these types of weddings often, they work best in natural light and with tan and earthtones.

Rustic Wedding Rustic Wedding

Elegant Wedding

An elegant wedding is probably my most favorite to shoot.  I love the look and feel and styling of an elegant wedding.  Elegant weddings are very popular, but with a good florist and decorator, the details and colors that can be created can be tailored to your specific needs.

Elegant Wedding

Whimsical Wedding

A whimsical wedding is probably the most fun wedding I have done. As you see from the video below, anything goes. From bright colors to engaging tones these weddings really show off the couple's playful and cheeful side.

Whimsical Wedding

What's your wedding style?


Chip Dizárd

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