Haitian Wedding

10 Ways to Know You’re at a Haitian Wedding  

I love Haitian weddings—the music, the family, and most importantly the celebration of love. I’ve listed 10 reasons to know you are at a Haitian wedding.

1. You have to kiss everyone in reception and call people you don’t know “Tante, Tatie,or Tonton ”
2. The wedding party is large
3 The DJ plays Zouk La Se Sel Medikaman nou Ni song by Kassav
4. They give Kremas (Cremas) as wedding favors.
5. Guests are always late
6. The Emcee would spontaneously transition to speaking French (To impress the Elders)
7. The mother of the bride dress is just as elaborate as the Bride’s
8. There is a 3 step March In for the Processional
9. The Haitian Pastor has an angry face at the reception when secular music is being played.
10. Some wedding guests never RSVP, but still, show up at the reception (not the ceremony), and they have the audacity to get upset when their name isn’t on the guest list.

Is this list accurate? Leave in the comments below.

View my work from a Haitian Destination Wedding and my colleague Trene’ Forbes

Thanks to Martine Charles, Medjine Jeanty and Conception Events for helping with this list.


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