3 Reasons to Choose a Food Truck to Cater Your Wedding

Guest Post : This is a guest post by Chef Nina Gross of Love Lust Food.  

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Food Truck Wedding

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You have  75person wedding in an amazing park along the Potomac River. Oh, you have planned this amazingly gorgeous, yet intimate event that is sure to please everyone. Then you get the phone call. The clients have just changed the guest list from 75 people to 175 and they want you to cut the cost somewhere, yet still have an epic event. WHAT?!? You call your friend, Chef Nina (that’s me, lol) and I say“Why not use a food truck for the reception?” Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner. Here are 3 reasons why you should incorporate a food truck in your client‘s wedding.


Food trucks typically have a theme- Mexican, Seafood, Thai, Soul food. I mean, who doesn’t like a taco at any time of the day? This is an opportunity for you to set the menu how you want and the clients can choose what they want. Plus, they can be able to order how much or how little they want. Wanna do something really fun? Get two trucks. One for your main dish, and the other for dessert.


The average wedding food budget costs between $15k and $25k. Hiring a traditional catering company and cost is anywhere from $20 to $40 per person; this can be seated or buffet. With a food truck, the cost drops exponentially to almost $10 per person. YES, I said it!!! Food trucks bring the kitchen with them, and the food is the freshest because they fix it right there on the spot. And the clean-up is the best part. There is minimal cleanup, and the amount of food that is wasted is practically non-existent.


From the whimsical to the most upscale weddings/events, the food truck experience can be a cool and interactive way to bring two families together. Even if you don’t utilize a food truck for the entire reception, hire an ice cream food truck for the dessert portion since we all know not everyone eats the cake. For those late night receptions or events, it’s awesome to hire one that has your bride and grooms favorite childhood, firstdate foods. For instance, if they met at a sports bar, you could hire a food truck that serves wings. Options are endless and costeffective with the choices that they have.

Happy Eating!

Chef Nina R. Gross of Love. Lust. Food.

Chef Nina R. Gross

I hope this helps with your future wedding and events in 2017. Food trucks are still a phenomenon all over the country. If you need help with finding the right food truck for your event, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Love Lust Food.

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