Why Some Brides Almost Always Look Good in Wedding Photos

You’ve seen and liked her photos on Instagram and Pinterest, she has that look  that you love.  You’ve  done the research and you know she isn’t a model,but on the wedding day she is amazing. Her smile, the light gleaming off her back shoulder  and when she turns in the photos it accentuates her cheekbones and it seems like she has no bad side. You stare in awesome wonder. Awestruck amazement. You wonder how in the world can I look as good as her on my big day?

Here are 6 reasons I have found why some brides can almost always look good in wedding photos.

1. They hire the right Makeup Artist

I’ve seen weddings where the bride has not hired the correct make-up artist and of course it was a disaster. On the other hand, a great make-up artist is crucial. Look at their portfolio of work and decide if their style of makeup is similar to your own. Pro Tip: When looking over the images, check for things such as skin tone matching, attention to detail and if they include any current bridal makeup trend pictures in their portfolio of work. The portfolio is everything, and don’t try to ignore what you don’t like.

2. They research and get a shot list

Pinterest is the research medium of choice for brides and I know many brides who have created secret inspirational boards.  They go through Instagram and other popular photographers feeds and know the shots that they want.  They may not “know” the technical details about photography but they work along with the photographer to create a shot list.

3. They work with their Photographer and trust his/her creativity

This is a pet peeve of many professionals.  There is nothing worse than being hired by a bride to then be undermined and being trusted to get the correct shots.  If you are investing possibly thousands of dollars, it’s  important to trust your photographer’s creativity and give him or her creative license with your photos and poses.

4. They are self aware

Have you ever seen a photo of someone on a social media and said to yourself,  “that’s not good for her.” No, I am not talking about “hating” but really seeing it. I saw a few photos on a Facebook wedding post recently and I shared it with a few friends, but I thought the poses of the bride were all wrong for her.  I am not talking about size here, but the style of the dress, the decorations, background and the awkwardness of the shoot. I know what fits me or my taste doesn’t necessarily fit others so I try be fair.

[clickToTweet tweet=” Brides who know their flaws know how to communicate them to their photographer for the best outcome via @chipdizard” quote=” Brides who know their flaws know how to communicate them to their photographer for the best outcome.”]

5. They choose the right Photographer to match their personal style

Many times we choose a vendor based on budget or because someone else used them and looked amazing. While that is fine, there are certain vendors that will match your unique style. I always say every pose has been done, your vendor just has to put a creative spin on it.

6. The venue chosen lends to creativity and inspiration

Let’s face it, when we as photographers and videographers get a drab location it takes a lot more creativity to make better images  happen. You are compensating not to see the shopping center in the background where the reception is located, you are making sure the light from the window is at the right position at the right time and more. There are some locations that just bring out magic. Truth be told we are professionals so we will do our best in  any location, but of course some lend to better outcomes.   When choosing your venue look at the height and color of the ceilings, the width of the room, the windows and the overall open space. These are what your photographer will see and use.  If it is his first time shooting in the venue see if a walkthrough can be arranged. If the wedding is local I always try to do a walkthrough or look at other photos that were taken by other vendors.

All wedding photos courtesy of Teshorn Jackson Photography

What have I missed? Please share in the comments below.

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