Why I stopped using Copyrighted Music on Wedding Films


If you have followed my wedding work, you will see I have used many copyrighted songs on videos.  Many songs that I have used are key to the track but as of weddings I film after March 1, 2017 I’m no longer using these tracks in my videos.

4 Reasons I stopped using Copyrighted Music in my Wedding Highlight Films.

As of March 2017

1. It’s not fair to the artist.
After careful consideration and consultation with my attorney and doing what’s right. I’m an artist too and like Erkyah Badu so eloquently said, “I’m sensitive about my sh*t”. Source

2.It’s illegal and it’s in essence stealing.
Nothing more should be said about that.

3. Most popular songs are blocked anyway.
Facebook won’t allow me to post a video without proper attribution to the artist. And often times, it deletes the video.

4. I run a viable long-term business.
After your wedding day video is delivered, I may never see you again, but I still have a full-time viable business that I must run. I have a very wise attorney to advise me that this is the best possible route to risk exposure.




So what can you do?  What if you are really upset and you would like a song on your wedding day video.

Here are a few options

1. License the popular song.
This is very expensive and a long process, but if you have the money it can happen. Fees can range in the hundreds to the thousands for one song license.

2. Work with me to choose from my extensive royalty free music library. I have an extensive library of music (which is accessible to you for no additional fees) where you can choose a song of your choice, or leave it up to me to choose.”

If you have any further questions you can direct them to me at hello@chipdizardweddings.com