How to Plan a Wedding at the Eiffel Tower

Planning an intimate wedding or elopement together in or around the Eiffel Tower in Paris can be romantic and fun. It’s a worldwide historical landmark and will be something you will never forget. 

Here are a few steps to help you plan your Eifell Tower Wedding or Elopement:

  1. Choose a date: Consider the time of year you want to get married and whether you want a weekday or weekend elopement. Remember that the Eiffel Tower is a popular tourist destination, so you may want to avoid peak tourist season.
  2. Obtain a marriage license: In order to get married in France, you’ll need to obtain a marriage license from the French government. You can do this by contacting the French consulate in the USA  or by visiting the local town hall (mairie) in Paris.
  3. Choose a ceremony location: The Eiffel Tower has several locations available for wedding ceremonies, including the Trocadero Gardens and the Champ de Mars. Consider which location will work best for your elopement based on the size of your wedding party and your personal preferences.
  4. Plan your transportation: If you’re planning on getting married around the Eiffel Tower, you’ll need to arrange transportation to and from the site. Consider hiring a car or taking public transportation to get to the tower. Uber works well in Paris, and I have taken many rides there during elopements.
  5. Consider hiring a wedding planner: If you’re feeling overwhelmed with the details of planning your elopement, consider hiring a wedding planner to help coordinate everything. A wedding planner can help you obtain your marriage license, find a ceremony location, and arrange transportation.
  6. Remember the details: Make sure to plan for any additional information you may need for your elopement, such as flowers, music, and photography. Consider inviting a few close friends or family members to witness your ceremony.
  7. Arrange for a photographer: You’ll want to hire a photographer to capture the memories of your elopement. You can view my elopement and Paris destination photography packages. Make sure to book a photographer well in advance.
  8. Plan your post-ceremony celebrations: After the ceremony, you can have a small reception or enjoy a romantic dinner in Paris. There are many great restaurants and cafes in the city, so you’ll have plenty of options.

With careful planning and attention to detail, you can have a beautiful and memorable elopement at the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

Here are some of my photos of a beautiful couple taken in Paris. 


baccarat cristal roomEiffel Tower Paris

Portraits in Paris at the Lourve Museum

Couples Portraits in Paris, France

Eiffel Tower Wedding Ceremony at Night

Eiffel Tower Wedding Ceremony

Eiffel Tower Wedding

Eiffel Tower Wedding

Eiffel Tower Wedding

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