Video Editing Breakdown


This page is for Photographers and Videographers who need advice with video editing and shots.  This is how I break down my wedding shots into a video trailer.  The key is to use the dialogue to move story and not just use visuals to make it music video.  Good audio is what separates good cinematographers from just plain old videographers. Listen to the the quality of the audio.  If you want to see my audio set up visit and I HIGHLY recommend you get the equipment listed on the page.

Also visit my make up setup page to see how I position a bride to look her best while in the chair.

1. Used groom to intro the video because he was such an extrovert so knowing your bride and groom is key. (He cared about cinematography as a groom-a very good client.)
2. Tripod shot of the location wide used
3. Details shots with the Pastor’s voice in the background.
4. Shots of the couple while they are posing for formal pics (always get a few shots of them to use as cover up shots)
5. Walking shots of the couple as they take formal photos
6. Cut to the Maid of Honor speech (Note how I cut between the pastor and the speeches, that is used on EVERY trailer I do)
7. Makeup shot (notice how the bride is sitting by the window and is on a high chair)
8. Cut to the other best man speech (and reaction shot from Groom-second camera is used for reactions of people and groom)
9. Cut to the groom’s vows while b-roll with a shot of the bride’s reaction (always get a priceless reaction shot, crying laughing something that can be used close up)
10. Guest shots signing a book (always a good cover up shot.)
11. Tripod pan (I didn’t even have a slider on this shot but use a pan and have an object in the middle to reveal the groom-notice how I use this shot often)
12. Behind the scenes of the groom 2:15 dancing he is so good and gave me a lot to work with.
13. Details shots, you can never have too many.
14. Then cut to a close up of the bride while she is reading her vows. And her vows
15. Always include the ring shot of him sliding it on the finger and sand ceremony and kiss shot.
16. Transition by using the sun shot (outdoor of course) to get to the official reception and them walking out.
17. Cut wide shot of the reception or if they have a epic walking in dance or something.
18. Cut to a first dance clip
19. Always get broll of guests smiling and clapping (Secret tip:I even ask people to smile and clap after a speech so I use it in an edit)
20. Cake cutting and reactions
21. Tosses are next and then dancing
22. I use slow motion and the pastors ending of the sermon.
23. The song is talking about latching on so I used hands to end the edit.
24. Used motion graphics to place on a details shot.
25. My graphic as the outro.

Notes on music: Use licensed music. I used this song with permission and if possible use Music or use an instrumental track.

Chip Dizard Wedding Films Editing Styles Check list (In no order)

You always want to get close-up,  medium and wide

1. Color graded footage to match shot to shot (especially bridal party)
2. Drone shots (if used, not mandatory)
3. Glidecam/Ronin-M shots (if used, but 90% of the time it will be used)
4. Slider shots (Must have for details)
5. Slow motion and back motion
6. Light leaks used  (Download for free, I created many myself)
7. Special Sauce or surprise (Use your creative juices to surprise the client)
8. Chip Dizard trailer at the end (Motion Graphic)
9. Speech clip from participant and/or vow clip
10. Natural sound used/but captured professional audio
11. Music matches the couple and mood of the day
12. Exterior shots (Establishes location, usually a sign of venue or church)
13. Dress shots (Tilt)
14. Details (jewelry shots,flowers, etc.)
15. Makeup shots (try to get bride in a high chair)

Video camera positioning download (PDF)