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Choose a Scent That Compliments You and Your Wedding

As a bride, you’ve thought of every detail of the wedding down to the plates, cups, and chairs. Everything is arranged just so, the musicians have their queues, the flower girls have been trained to throw petals at the right consistency. Everything is going to be gorgeous. The food is going to be delicious, the lighting will be perfect, and your makeup and hair are going to be on point. But what about your wedding perfume?

After all, you are going to be getting very close to a lot of people on your big day. There are hugs and kisses from relatives and friends to give and receive, there’s a good deal of dancing to be done, there are pictures and, of course, snuggling up with your groom. You’ll want to choose a scent that you can remember for years and associate with your special day forever.

If you are just wearing the same thing you always do, you might be missing out on an opportunity to make your aroma profile say something about you and your wedding. It’s a special day, in a special dress and shoes — everything about the day is designed to give you a feeling of loveliness. Might you consider adopting a wedding scent that does the same thing?

FragranceX has created a flowchart that maps out some ways to consider elements of your wedding in terms of aroma. From the venue and time of year to your personality, to what signature cocktails you are planning to provide, the visual below has advice on specific wedding fragrances that will match the occasion.

For example, floral notes speak to traditional romance and classic wedding accouterments; whereas something more exotic might demonstrate a modern twist. A perfume that has more citrus is refreshing and energizing. Whatever the tone for your wedding, set the smell profile and make it a distinctive and special aroma that makes you feel as wonderful as you should when you are a bride.   

Find Your Perfect Wedding Scent [Infographic]

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