How to Dress as a Wedding Guest

Wedding guests often find themselves at a crossroads when deciding what to wear. They don’t want to look like a member of the wedding party but also don’t want to look like they’re not putting forth an effort. For some you may have never been a wedding guest, maybe you’ve always been a part of the bridal party or this is your first formal affair. Don’t worry, here are some things to consider when invited to such celebrations.

As a wedding guest, consider a few key things:

  • Ceremony Location – What you wear to a church ceremony versus a beach ceremony will be different
  • Ceremony Time – There’s a simple rule to live by. Ladies, the later the ceremony the longer the dress. Fellas, the later the ceremony the more pieces to wear (tie, cuff links, cummerbund, etc)
  • Wedding Theme – Does the couple have a wedding theme? Does the couple want everyone to wear a certain color (yes, this happens), traditional cultural wear, or a theme like The Great Gatsby or Breakfast at Tiffany’s
  • Be photo-ready – I guarantee there will be pictures taken. Thinking about how an outfit photographs is important. You will be dancing, moving around, and having fun. Pick an outfit that at any angle makes you look amazing.
  • Your comfort level – Be you! Pick an outfit that is reflective of your style and personality. Although you’re at a guest at a wedding, you’re still you!

The joy of being a wedding guest is that you get to be a part of a celebration and still reflect your style in fashion!

Below are some of my favorite Wedding Guest Photos from the 2019 Wedding Season.

Wedding GuestsWedding Guests

Wedding Guests

Wedding Guests

Wedding Guests Looks

Wedding GuestsWedding Guests Wedding Guests


Wedding Guests

Wedding Fashion

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