How to Live Stream Your Wedding From Any Venue

Your wedding day is a special day where people come together but unfortunately, there are some guests and family members that won’t be able to attend in person.  

I got my start in the wedding business in 2010 by live-streaming a 2-hour concert wedding it was one of the longest weddings I’ve filmed at  2 hours, now it has over 140k views on YouTube.   I also work in Washington, D.C. for DC Micro Weddings.


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Wedding Ceremony Live Streams

Professional Tips for Live Streaming Your Wedding

1.Live streaming your wedding works best if you are in a church or venue that has cameras and a dedicated internet streaming connection. Most churches live stream their services and may allow you to use their streaming services for free or at a low cost if their media team runs the stream. (I know my church offers that.)

2.You can also live stream your wedding if you are at a hotel.  All hotels have high-speed internet service, but to run a line it is quite expensive, so ask the hotel about an internet connection and if it can be included in your wedding package.

3. You can live stream an outdoor ceremony.  Yes, you can with today’s technology via a wireless connection or cell phone connection.  I still recommend using a dedicated internet connection but you can use a wireless and/or cell phone connection, but always do a test for quality prior to the ceremony. 

Free Live Streaming Options

Live streaming from mobile devices is very common; with sites like Facebook Live and  YouTube, and more, anyone can live stream a wedding or event. Many guests are already doing this, but I suggest you work with your videographer to make sure everyone is on the same page.  

If you want a day that you can remember, I suggest going with a professional live-streaming company, sure, free works, but often it can’t be as reliable.   


Live Stream Your Wedding


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  1. Terri Baskin says:

    Great post Chip! I love how technology can help distant relatives view the wedding if they can’t be there!

  2. Chip Dizard says:

    I sometimes take for granted that I know how to live stream. I do it at church weekly, and now it’s easier than ever. Thanks for your comment Terri!

  3. irene says:

    Great article about live streaming your wedding. This is such a great thing to do especially if some guests can’t make it to the ceremony.

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