Meet the team {Monica Singleton}

I met Monica in May of 2014 as we served on a Creative Missions team in Baltimore.  I really didn’t know who she was but I saw her work and was immediately drawn to her.   I asked her did she want to work weddings and she said, “sure”.


Monica Singleton

She currently is a media specialist or better yet a visual storyteller at i5Church in Odenton, Maryland and she creates awesome promotional videos for the church.

One of my most creative trailers for a wedding video was edited and conceptualized by Monica. You can view the video below.

Monica is also a techie and an expert drone pilot, and yes, I learned from her on how to fly.

Monica Steve and Chip

Follow Monica on Twitter and Instagram to and catch her in real life!  I’m proud to have her on the team.

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  1. Kristina says:

    Hey Monica!!!! #Dopeness

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