Why WeddingWoo is the best choice for your Wedding Web site

When I was engaged years ago, having a web site was a luxury, now it’s a necessity.  From RSVP’s, instagram feeds, photos and more a web site that is usable, friendly and gets the correct information to your friends and family is important.

I have tested three web site platforms and in the video I rank them as, good, better and best.  I have a background in web site design  so I am familiar with web site content management systems and set up. I know a wedding web site must look good, be user-friendly and be easy for a bride or groom to maintain.

In the video below I give a very detailed first-look and walk through of 3 web site platforms, but I highly recommend one, which is called WeddingWoo.com.

I highly recommend WeddingWoo.com based on a few key factors

  • Featured photos-Photos are one of the main reasons people visit your site and your engagement  photos (or wedding ones) are prominently  featured on the site.
  • Customization available-The most important items are on the site, such as your bridal party, RSVP’s, and easy to change navigation
  • Easy to to use-I took a test drive on the system and then had a bride I work with take a test drive as well, even with some customization to the site we were able to figure the site out shortly.
  • Customer support-We emailed David from WeddingWoo.com on a Friday evening during the holiday season and he could have easily been on vacation, but he emailed the bride back and offered to get on the phone for a one-on-one training session. Now that’s service!
  • Price-Affordable and fair pricing with a 30 day no questions asked refund policy.

View the live web site featured in the tutorial video.

Click here to view my client Armina & Evince wedding web site.  Mina & Vince Wedding Woo Site

These are the few of the many reasons why I can recommend WeddingWoo.com for your web site.  Tell them, Chip sent you.

Please Note: I am not a paid endorser or get any compensation for recommending any company, I just pass on good information that will help brides make their wedding day special. 




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