December 22, 2016 Chip Dizárd

Moments Matter: Top 10 Wedding Moments of 2016

Weddings are all about moments; that is why we have compiled a list of the top 10 moments from 2016 the wedding season. My team and I are all about capturing moments, because, at the end of a long wedding day, that's all you have.  I hope you enjoy these moments as much as we did.

10. Groom smiles down the Aisle-Tiffany and Donte

9. Lit Bouquet Toss

8. Drone In Puerto Rico

7. Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority  Stroll

6. Running Man Challenge Wedding Edition

5.Trash the Dress Session in Punta Cana

4.Wicked Wedding Entrance

3. El Debarge Surprise Song

2. Crying Groom

1. Mother and Son Touching First Dance

That's it!

2016 was an amazing year for weddings and I would be honored to capture your BIG day on film. Click here to contact me to find out more about me and my team.

Top 10 Wedding Moments of 2016—Chip Dizárd Wedding


Chip Dizárd

Chip is passionate about making your wedding video and works hard with his team to capture your event. He is a techie at heart and loves to capture real-life moments on film.

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