Baltimore Wedding Videographer

Baltimore Wedding Videographer

As a Baltimore Wedding Videographer I know that months of planning go into planning your wedding and the day goes by so quickly. And perhaps you also have a great story that led to your special day that you need to be captured on video. That is where we come in handy. We capture great memories and create invaluable wedding films that tell your entire story in an authentic and natural way. Our style blends unique and naturally hand-picked music with stunning visuals to create a big cinematic story. We are a full-service wedding videography firm that can handle everything that is related to your wedding videography including pre-planning, providing a relaxed and comfortable experience on your wedding day, with the state of the art editing to create a wedding cinema that you will cherish for the rest of your life. We pride ourselves on our very high standards and great personal service and draw satisfaction from making our clients happy.

Baltimore Wedding Videographer

What We Offer

New and Ultra-High Definition 4K Available!

Perhaps you have already heard about the latest high definition technology known as Ultra High Definition sometimes called 4k.It provides clarity that is about 3 times higher than the normal HD technology. You can have your special occasion filmed in this stunning Ultra High Definition. A picture that is so clear, you might think you are actually back at your real wedding. Ask our customer service team about this option or request a free brochure for more info about availability and pricing.

Creativity and Affordability

We are great value if you consider the level of professionalism, expertise, and stunning affordable videography service. You will only get married once and we are sure you want experts to capture your special moment and create a comprehensive and unforgettable video.

Responsive and Responsible!

What are you looking for when hiring a wedding Videography Service? Certainly, affordability, talent, responsiveness and great customer service are on the list right? We are always available to answer your queries quickly so that you understand what to expect from our team leading up to and on the particular wedding day. We are always available via email or telephone and we will get back to you very quickly with answers when you contact us.

We also promise two things, first we will have a professional appearance and attitude, showing you the great treatment and respect that you deserve and being dressed accordingly. Secondly, you will get the best wedding cinema at a very competitive price. Our value is unsurpassed. Our extensive experience will also create a worry free day for you and your guests so that you enjoy yourself to the fullest and we take care of the rest. When you choose our wedding videography services, it is truly a time to enjoy and celebrate.


Our Production Team

Our team consists of cinematographers, editors, directors and filmmakers, but primarily we are sons, daughters and friends. We approach your project by looking into heart of the story and then apply a special creative process which includes planning and then capturing and telling your story through videos and pictures. We believe that the most important and powerful thing in the world is an entire story that creates an emotional connection. That is what we have been doing for as long as we can remember and we are grateful that we are able to live our passion and tell stories that make a positive impact.

Our Philosophy

As a  Baltimore wedding videographer we believe a wedding is more than just the beautiful details. It is also about the journey, the relationships, the people and the events that have brought you to where you are now. We are great storytellers that value opportunities to connect with great couples and tell their unique and special stories through cinematography.

We are proud to be among the top wedding and event cinematographers in Baltimore. Our extensive experience over many years of filming weddings for different clients from all backgrounds and cultures means you can trust us to capture every great moment during this occasion. Our unique and discreet approach ensures that the clips we take are always spontaneous and natural. Our cinematographers have the experience and the imagination to capture moments that are timeless and intimate. We have customized cameras and edit the entire film in our well-equipped high-end studio. By producing all our films in-house we are also able to provide a customized service that yields more than you expect. As a friendly and independent business, our clientele includes everybody from celebrities to private individuals and royalty, all of whom are treated equally and receive a high-quality service.


Are you interested in finding out more and booking our services?  View our entire video gallery on our YouTube Channel.

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