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In these times of uncertainty, there’s one thing that’s true, life is still happening. I want to help you honor your wedding date by providing quality Live Streaming services that allow you to remember your special day for all the right reasons. No need to postpone or reschedule your wedding, but celebrate in an intimate setting with friends and family able to watch live. Our DC Micro-Wedding experience allows you to focus on what matters, you and your partner, while I work intentionally to give you a reason to smile years later with a service tailor-made for your special day. 

DC Micro Wedding


DC MicroWedding Live Stream



I’m working with an awesome group of vendors led by DC Event Planner Andrew Roby

WEDDING PLANNER: Andrew Roby Events
FLORIST: Designs by Oochay
PHOTOGRAPHER: Edward Underwood Photography & Trene Forbes Photography
BAKER: Blue Lace Cakes

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Micro Wedding

St. Louis Union Station Engagement photos —I had the pleasure of meeting Paige and Ryan and capturing their love and story in St. Louis.  We choose the historic St. Louis Union Station as the backdrop for their shoot and then we moved to the Angad Arts Hotel for the second portion of the photoshoot.

Update: Paige and Ryan have been featured on How They Asked by the Knot.  

St. Louis Union Station Engagement Photos

St. Louis Union Station Engagement Photos


St. Louis Union Station Engagement Photos

St. Louis Union Station

St. Louis Union Station Engagement Photos

Q: Let’s start at the beginning. How did you two first meet?

A: Ryan and I met on a Friday night at a Place called Elmo’s Love Lounge ( Quite a  coincidence). He was leaving with his nephew and my best friend knew him and stopped to talk to him. During their conversation I noticed Ryan laughing and asked what he thought was so funny.  My snippy remark peaked his interest and we hit it off from there.

St. Louis Union Station Engagement Photos

Q: What makes your relationship special? Tell us some things that you both value in your time together. (example: pushing each other to new limits, love to travel, huge comic book fans, foodies, etc.) What makes your relationship unique?


A: Our relationship is so special because we can listen to music and sing together for hours. We introduce each other to knew things like Marvel movies and cooking.


St. Louis Union Station Engagement Photos


Q: How did you know your partner was the one? When did you first know this in your relationship? (these may often be the same moment, but aren’t always)

A: Prior to meeting Ryan I had no interest in really dating but within the 1st week of meeting he was just what I needed. Our first date lasted 6 hours and even after that date we made plans to meet  again the next day. There was one night in particular ( Maybe a month into dating ) where I went over to his house. He mentioned wanting to talk and all I remember is that I just knew he wanted to make it official but all he wanted to say was he could see that happening in the future. I was so embarrassed and emotional that I called my friend upset . That’s when  I  knew he was special.

Q: Give us all the details about the proposal. How and where did it happen? Was it a surprise? What was the planning process?

A: The proposal happened during a family Christmas Brunch my mom hosted .  It was time to take photos so I wanted everyone to gather but my best friend pulled me away upstairs to “Talk” about something she was going through  that couldn’t wait (She was apart of the plan). After talking briefly I went back downstairs stairs straight to everyone facing the doorway, candles lit on the floor and music playing.  Ryan stood in front of me wearing his Christmas pajamas.I was so surprised I instantly started crying.

Angad Arts Hotel and Downtown St. Louis

St. Louis Union Station Engagement Photos St. Louis Union Station Engagement Photos St. Louis Union Station Engagement Photos St. Louis Union Station Engagement Photos St. Louis Union Station Engagement Photos St. Louis Union Station Engagement Photos St. Louis Union Station Engagement Photos   St. Louis Union Station Engagement St. Louis Union Station Engagement St. Louis Union Station Engagement Photos St. Louis Union Station Engagement

Q: We’re all about the bling… Tell us all about that ring!

A: The square cut diamond ring  is a reflection of myself, he chose something simple but classy.

Q: Are you excited to start planning your wedding day? Do you have any ideas in mind yet?

A: Ryan and I are excited to get the planning really put in place. We had rough year with my mom suffering from blood clots and needing to fly out to Cleveland for open lung surgery but now that she is healed we can now focus on our celebration. We have ideas of exactly how we want things to go and look so were anticipating the moment we can move forward with planning this year.


St. Louis Union Station Engagement

For more information about my engagement photo shoots please visit my engagement photography web site. 

St. Louis Union Station Engagement

First of all, brides have moved from the traditional bridesmaids’ gifts to one that transcends their big day. The growing trend? To give their bridal party something that provides comfort for the big day and many days to come. 

Bridal Robebridal party gift

Vtabi Luxury Bridal Robes


Bridal Robe with Mom

The New Bridal Party Gift Idea

Rated in the top 5 Bridesmaids’ Gift of 2020, the satin robe is the new bridal party craze. Certainly providing your girls with a gift that transcends is important for many reasons, but think about the pictures! Not only do these photograph well, but they provide your bridal party the opportunity to have hair and makeup done without worry of trying to pull something over their head. 


As the bride, you have the option to stand out with robes designed with you in mind. From beautiful sheer robes that fall at your feet to something short and cute with “Bride” on the back, you can create memories of your special day in something cute and just for you. 

bridal party gift Robes

bridal party gift robes

bridal party gift robes bridal party gift robes

bridal party gift robes

bridal party gift robes


bridal party gift robes

Many brides take this opportunity to personalize their robes with their future names and even do the same for the bridal party. Gone are the days of mirrors and jewelry as the only gift given, brides are giving gifts that keep giving!


You can incorporate your color scheme, take into account the different body types of your bridal party, and even mix and match based on personality.


Brides have many options, from matching their bridal party to traditional white. You can have your robe reflect your personality or even your wedding dress…you have the ability to be you! 

bridal party gift robes bridal party gift robes bridal party gift robes bridal party gift robes bridal party gift robes bridal party gift robes bridal party gift robes


bridal party gift robes bridal party gift robes bridal party gift robes bridal party gift robes

Bridal Robes Prior to the Weddingbridal party gift robes


Bridal Party Robes


If you are looking for some robe inspiration here are some to view and try:


Robe Vendors

VTABi – Luxury Bridal Robes 


David’s Bridal – White Bridal Lace Robe

Pretty Robes – Long Lace Sheer Robes


BHLDN – Bridal Robes


Amazon – Bridal Robes



Bridal Robe

Wedding guests often find themselves at a crossroads when deciding what to wear. They don’t want to look like a member of the wedding party but also don’t want to look like they’re not putting forth an effort. For some you may have never been a wedding guest, maybe you’ve always been a part of the bridal party or this is your first formal affair. Don’t worry, here are some things to consider when invited to such celebrations.

As a wedding guest, consider a few key things:

  • Ceremony Location – What you wear to a church ceremony versus a beach ceremony will be different
  • Ceremony Time – There’s a simple rule to live by. Ladies, the later the ceremony the longer the dress. Fellas, the later the ceremony the more pieces to wear (tie, cuff links, cummerbund, etc)
  • Wedding Theme – Does the couple have a wedding theme? Does the couple want everyone to wear a certain color (yes, this happens), traditional cultural wear, or a theme like The Great Gatsby or Breakfast at Tiffany’s
  • Be photo-ready – I guarantee there will be pictures taken. Thinking about how an outfit photographs is important. You will be dancing, moving around, and having fun. Pick an outfit that at any angle makes you look amazing.
  • Your comfort level – Be you! Pick an outfit that is reflective of your style and personality. Although you’re at a guest at a wedding, you’re still you!

The joy of being a wedding guest is that you get to be a part of a celebration and still reflect your style in fashion!

Below are some of my favorite Wedding Guest Photos from the 2019 Wedding Season.

Wedding GuestsWedding Guests

Wedding Guests

Wedding Guests

Wedding Guests Looks

Wedding GuestsWedding Guests Wedding Guests


Wedding Guests

Wedding Fashion

Grandmother is bringing it!

The Westin Annapolis is a lovely venue where Gabby and Brian were married and they were featured on the United With Love blog for their engagement session shot by me. They are official ya’ll, married! Special shoutout to United With Love for featuring their wedding as well. I had the amazing opportunity to not only shoot their engagement but their historically heartfelt traditional black wedding at the glamourous Westin Annapolis Hotel.  This as such a heartfelt wedding with the blush pinks and whites tied with her beautifully laced oval wedding ring. Can we talk about the attire of the couple though,  her dress was nothing short of amazing and his tux was completely dapper.

Enjoy Brian and Gabby’s  special day with me.

Westin Annapolis Wedding

Annapolis Westin Wedding    Annapolis Westin Wedding Westin Annapolis Wedding Westin Annapolis Wedding Westing Annapolis Wedding Westing Annapolis Wedding Annapolis Westin Wedding


This beautiful Westin Annapolis Wedding had the following Washington DC Wedding Professionals contributions:

Venue: Westin Annapolis | Officiant: Weddings by Cara Michelle | Planner: Chancey Charm | Florist: Ann’s Garden Bel Air | Drapes and Lighting: Event Dynamics | Rentals: White Glove Rental | Calligrapher: Grove Lettering Co. | Cake: Blue Crab Cupcakes | DJ: DJ Gemini

Live Stream Wdding

It was truly an Intimate Greenery Wedding at District Winery  in Washington, D.C. where Stephen and Jeanne exchanged lifelong vows.

Finally, I’m sharing images from one of my couples who wed in 2019 at the beautiful District Winery Wedding in Washington D.C.

Stephen and Jeanne had a non-traditional yet romantic wedding that was intimate with greenery, whites, and pops of navy at one amazing winery location. I love non-traditional weddings, it allows me to challenge myself to think outside the box and be creative. The bride wore a beautiful lace off the shoulder dress while the groom wore a tailored navy tux with a grey tie to tie all the beautiful colors together. Their details and colors came together beautifully to show the winery’s charm.

United with Love featured this winery wedding. To see it, click here.

District Winery

Stephen and Jeanne are soulmates!

District Winery Wedding in Washington District Winery Wedding in Washington, D.C. District Winery Wedding Entrance District Winery cake Cutting    District Winery Wedding in Washington


Photography: Chip Dizárd & Trene Forbes
Venue: District Winery
Day of Coordinator: Details Made Simple
Cake: Couture Cakes by Sabrina
Florals: Designs by Oochay
DJ: DJ Max Powers
Makeup and Hair: Carla Pressley Hair & Makeup

District Winery Wedding

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