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In these times of uncertainty, there’s one thing that’s true, life is still happening. I want to help you honor your wedding date by providing quality Live Streaming services that allow you to remember your special day for all the right reasons. No need to postpone or reschedule your wedding, but celebrate in an intimate setting with friends and family able to watch live. Our DC Micro-Wedding experience allows you to focus on what matters, you and your partner, while I work intentionally to give you a reason to smile years later with a service tailor-made for your special day. 

DC Micro Wedding


DC MicroWedding Live Stream



I’m working with an awesome group of vendors led by DC Event Planner Andrew Roby

WEDDING PLANNER: Andrew Roby Events
FLORIST: Designs by Oochay
PHOTOGRAPHER: Edward Underwood Photography & Trene Forbes Photography
BAKER: Blue Lace Cakes

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Micro Wedding

Wedding guests often find themselves at a crossroads when deciding what to wear. They don’t want to look like a member of the wedding party but also don’t want to look like they’re not putting forth an effort. For some you may have never been a wedding guest, maybe you’ve always been a part of the bridal party or this is your first formal affair. Don’t worry, here are some things to consider when invited to such celebrations.

As a wedding guest, consider a few key things:

  • Ceremony Location – What you wear to a church ceremony versus a beach ceremony will be different
  • Ceremony Time – There’s a simple rule to live by. Ladies, the later the ceremony the longer the dress. Fellas, the later the ceremony the more pieces to wear (tie, cuff links, cummerbund, etc)
  • Wedding Theme – Does the couple have a wedding theme? Does the couple want everyone to wear a certain color (yes, this happens), traditional cultural wear, or a theme like The Great Gatsby or Breakfast at Tiffany’s
  • Be photo-ready – I guarantee there will be pictures taken. Thinking about how an outfit photographs is important. You will be dancing, moving around, and having fun. Pick an outfit that at any angle makes you look amazing.
  • Your comfort level – Be you! Pick an outfit that is reflective of your style and personality. Although you’re at a guest at a wedding, you’re still you!

The joy of being a wedding guest is that you get to be a part of a celebration and still reflect your style in fashion!

Below are some of my favorite Wedding Guest Photos from the 2019 Wedding Season.

Wedding GuestsWedding Guests

Wedding Guests

Wedding Guests

Wedding Guests Looks

Wedding GuestsWedding Guests Wedding Guests


Wedding Guests

Wedding Fashion

Grandmother is bringing it!

As a bride, you’ve thought of every detail of the wedding down to the plates, cups, and chairs. Everything is arranged just so, the musicians have their queues, the flower girls have been trained to throw petals at the right consistency. Everything is going to be gorgeous. The food is going to be delicious, the lighting will be perfect, and your makeup and hair are going to be on point. But what about your wedding perfume?

After all, you are going to be getting very close to a lot of people on your big day. There are hugs and kisses from relatives and friends to give and receive, there’s a good deal of dancing to be done, there are pictures and, of course, snuggling up with your groom. You’ll want to choose a scent that you can remember for years and associate with your special day forever.

If you are just wearing the same thing you always do, you might be missing out on an opportunity to make your aroma profile say something about you and your wedding. It’s a special day, in a special dress and shoes — everything about the day is designed to give you a feeling of loveliness. Might you consider adopting a wedding scent that does the same thing?

FragranceX has created a flowchart that maps out some ways to consider elements of your wedding in terms of aroma. From the venue and time of year to your personality, to what signature cocktails you are planning to provide, the visual below has advice on specific wedding fragrances that will match the occasion.

For example, floral notes speak to traditional romance and classic wedding accouterments; whereas something more exotic might demonstrate a modern twist. A perfume that has more citrus is refreshing and energizing. Whatever the tone for your wedding, set the smell profile and make it a distinctive and special aroma that makes you feel as wonderful as you should when you are a bride.   

Find Your Perfect Wedding Scent [Infographic]

Find your wedding scent


Wedding Scent
There are many styles of weddings-some reflect the couple’s personality while others relate to the season. I came across these graphics by The Black Tux (where I rent my tuxedos). What’s your favorite style of wedding?  And what influences your wedding style? Here are my thoughts on the three types of wedding styles listed below.


I love Haitian weddings—the music, the family and most importantly the celebration of love. I’ve listed 10 reasons to know you are at a Haitian wedding.  (more…)

Haitian Wedding

BMORE Lifestyle is a daily lifestyle show that keeps viewers informed on the very best that Baltimore, and our surrounding areas, has to offer. I was featured on the wedding show talking about trends in Wedding Photography.

I had a great time on the show sharing my knowledge about the wedding industry.


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